More than 18,000 people are released from incarceration each year in Louisiana and return to neighborhoods across the state. From the very first day they are released, most men and women reentering our communities face an urgent challenge: securing a job that pays a living wage in a competitive market.

Having a criminal record, however, does not preclude one from the class of skilled and motivated job seekers needing work. Many reentering people, like our clients at Louisiana Parole Project, have multiple skill sets, highlighted by a laudable work ethic, promotions, certifications and professional recommendations. Often, the only barrier preventing our clients from getting a great job is the myth that incarceration has made them less than desirable employees.

Do you know about available tax incentives to employers who hire formerly incarcerated people? Did you know you may be eligible to obtain a free fidelity bond funded by the federal government to protect you against employee dishonesty or theft?

If you are interested in learning more about how our clients may be a great fit for your business or company, please contact us. One of our staff will meet with you to answer questions and provide information about the tax benefits and incentives the state and federal governments offer employers who hire our client population.

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