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As a family member or friend of an incarcerated person, do you believe that your loved one might benefit from the services offered by Parole Project?

You have taken an important first step to advocate for your family member or friend by educating yourself and reaching out to us. Clients with strong connections to family, friends and others who offer long-term emotional and spiritual support are more likely to find success through the opportunities provided by reentry programs. Successful completion translates into an even greater chance of becoming a dynamic and high functioning member of their families and communities.

Throughout the parole hearing preparation process, your feedback and assistance are integral to achieving the goal of being granted parole. Once released, your support provides your family member or friend with the strength to navigate the challenging transition to a new and rewarding life.

Please contact LPP to see if your loved one qualifies for our program. If accepted as a client, we will walk you and your family through every step of the journey.

When contacting LPP please provide us with as much information about the potential client as possible. At a minimum, we will need a legal name, DOC number, crime of conviction, age at conviction, number of years served and the institution where he or she resides.

community member

Considering the prevailing stereotype and the constant flow of sensationalized news stories of violence and crime, it is normal to be fearful, suspicious or uncomfortable with the idea of being neighbors with a person once convicted of a serious felony.

However, after learning more about our clients and our programming you may feel more comfortable with the reality that over 85 percent of those who are incarcerated will one day return to live and work in our communities. The specific risk and need levels of LPP clients, combined with the reentry tools, programming and support they receive through our program, make them exceptional candidates for success in the community. In fact, our clients belong to a class of incarcerated persons with less than a one percent chance of returning to prison; that’s a lower statistical likelihood than the average Louisiana citizen.

Parole Project clients have been thoughtfully vetted by qualified personnel while still incarcerated and were ultimately granted release because a parole panel believed in their rehabilitation and potential to thrive outside of prison.

here are the reasons why LPP clients make ideal community members:

  • Safe: they have been assessed as “low-risk” by a professionally recognized risk/needs assessment tool. As a group, they have the lowest recidivism rate (return to prison for a new crime) of any class of incarcerated person.
  • Accountable: they are under the supervision by the office of probation and parole. Our clients are committed to sobriety and are frequently screened to assure they are drug and alcohol-free. They must also observe all conditional curfews and restrictions. They are constantly encouraged to make healthy social connections in the community through churches, hobbies and mentoring, and they each have the support and oversight of an LPP reentry coach,
  • Financially Responsible: they have recently completed financial and banking literacy classes along with household budget management skills, and smart spending and saving habits are being developed with assistance from their reentry coach. Clients are also required to stay gainfully employed.

In fact, most of them reenter with an impressive work history behind them. Our clients are commonly skilled in trades and crafts that are valued by the local economy. Our clients evolve from being a tax burden on the citizens of Louisiana into self-sufficient and tax paying members of society.

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