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Reentry service providers offer a wide range of assistances to people reentering society after incarceration aimed at reducing recidivism and building stronger, safer communities. At the same time, they promote opportunities for self-sufficiency. Whether government, private, or non-profit organizations, these services can include housing assistance, counseling, job training, education, food subsidies, health care, family restoration, substance abuse treatment and more.

Parole Project is committed to ensuring that our clients receive continuity of care. Continuity of care is concerned with quality of care over time, and it requires that all providers engaged with a single client are cooperatively involved in ongoing, holistic reentry support.

Parole Project supports the Louisiana Prisoner Reentry Initiative and partners with proven service providers to best position our clients for success both personally and within the community. We welcome all local and regional service providers to reach out to us and get acquainted. Providers offering housing and employment services are especially encouraged to contact us.

If you share our vision of reducing the prison population, enhancing public safety, and assisting low-risk individuals who have earned a second chance, please reach out to us.

Check out two of our most outstanding service provider partners:

The Refinery offers emergency and intermediate transitional housing, addiction recovery, employment assistance, and other reentry-related needs in a faith-centered environment.

Joseph Homes is a Catholic Charities Diocese of Baton Rouge program offering housing, spiritual and social support, and referrals for job-finding, health care, counseling and substance abuse services.

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