client advocate

Our clients need advocates to help them succeed. Advocacy begins far in advance of the parole hearing through legal counsel, spiritual support, and post-release planning assistance.

Gainful employment, safe and affordable housing, and the development of pro-social connections can be hindered by systemic legal and societal barriers. Advocates address these barriers by helping to develop and reform exiting state and federal laws.

A client advocate is anyone willing to speak, write favorably and publicly support our clients as a class and individually. Students, retirees, family members and concerned citizens can fully participate in impactful advocacy and make a difference. Contact us today to find out how your unique set of skills and experiences can be translated into meaningful advocacy for our clients.

what our advocates say

“I like working with the Louisiana Parole Project because every time I collaborate with them, I’m not only breaking some of the barriers that divide us as a community; I’m helping to replace those barriers with ties that connect. I think we need more groups like LPP.”

-Emily W., Student and Volunteer


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