Parole Project enhances public safety through advocacy, programming, and services for persons who have served long prison sentences so that they may reach their full potential.

We envision a justice system that recognizes rehabilitation, redemption and second chances.
We believe in the human potential for change.

We believe that public policy should foster hope and embrace second chances.

We believe in removing barriers that strip dignity and inhibit opportunities for formerly incarcerated people to become productive members of our communities.

We believe in successful reentry that restores lives, repairs families, improves communities, and saves taxpayer money.

We believe our clients are shining examples of justice reform and reinvestment in Louisiana.

Who We Are


Parole Project is both a human services provider and an advocacy organization, and our work is leading the way to shift policies and public perception about people serving life without parole and other extreme sentences. 

We support individuals who have served twenty years or more in prison, advocating for their releases through existing parole and clemency processes, for administrative reforms at the pardon and parole board, for expanded release mechanisms through legislation, and for District Attorney-led sentence reviews. We support our clients by providing advocacy and direct representation while incarcerated, and transitional housing, services, and programming upon their release. Based on our clients’ successes, Parole Project is proving the case that giving second chances to men and women who have served long sentences improves public safety.

Through community outreach, effective use of social media, and building positive relationships with local media, we work to tell the stories of our clients in a manner that will influence decision-makers across the political spectrum to be more supportive of justice reform and second chances.


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