Parole Project enhances public safety through advocacy, programming, and services for persons who have served long prison sentences so that they may reach their full potential.

We envision a criminal justice system that recognizes rehabilitation, redemption and second chances.

We believe in the human potential for change.

We believe in removing barriers that strip dignity and inhibit opportunities for formerly incarcerated people to become productive members of our communities.

We believe in successful reentry that restores lives, repairs families, improves communities, and saves taxpayer money.

We believe our clients are shining examples of criminal justice reform and reinvestment in Louisiana.

are you…

a client advocate

Our clients need advocates to help them succeed. Advocacy begins far in advance of the parole hearing through legal counsel, spiritual support, and post-release planning assistance.

a service provider

Reentry service providers offer a wide range of assistance to people reentering society after incarceration aimed at reducing recidivism and building stronger, safer communities.

an employer

Our clients at Louisiana Parole Project have multiple skill sets, highlighted by a laudable work ethic, promotions, certifications and professional recommendations.

a criminal justice stakeholder

Criminal justice stakeholders work in fields related to criminal justice operations and systemic reformation.

family and friends

Over 85 percent of those who are incarcerated will one day return to live and work in our communities.

a property manager

Our clients are good people who make great neighbors, help us provide a place for them that they can call “home.”

Henry Montgomery, Louisiana’s longest-serving juvenile lifer imprisoned at age 17, was denied a meaningful chance for release on February 19, 2018, and again on April 11, 2019. He has been incarcerated…


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