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Louisiana sends more children to prison for life, per capita, than any other state. The equivalent of a death sentence, this punishment fails to consider volumes of scientific evidence that shows children are far more impulsive and less conscious of consequences than adults.

Parole Project is both a human services provider and an advocacy organization, and our work is leading the way to help rebuild lives and shift public perception about formerly incarcerated people.

We support individuals who have served long sentences and act as a bridge between business and industry and prisons to place qualified formerly incarcerated persons in career jobs.

Parole Project supports our clients by providing advocacy and direct representation while incarcerated, and transitional housing, services, and programming upon their release. Based on our clients’ successes, Parole Project is proving that giving second chances to deserving men and women who have served long sentences improves public safety.

Through community outreach, effective use of social media, and building positive relationships with local media, we work to tell the stories of our clients in a manner that reaches people across all spectrums to be more supportive of justice reform and second chances.


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