Parole Project offers unique opportunities for volunteers to make a difference in the lives of our clients. We can use your talents to help them fully rejoin our communities by enhancing the transition process.

If you have a skill or program that you would like to suggest, please contact us with your ideas.

Traditional Volunteer Opportunities:

Special Events Volunteer

Assist Parole Project with one-time special projects or events.

Fundraising Volunteer

Assist Parole Project staff in planning and implementing fundraising campaigns and events.

Administrative Volunteer

Opportunities include helping with data entry, replying to basic inquiries, and assisting us in our continual efforts to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our organization.

Campus Advocate

Help spread the message and mission of Louisiana Parole Project on your campus.

Subject Area Specialists

Share your knowledge and experience in areas such as financial literacy, interview skills, technology and more with our clients during one-on-one sessions.


Are you looking for an impactful way to provide pro bono assistance? Are you eager to participate in the historic hearings taking place today? There are a number of ways to volunteer for those qualified and well-suited for this challenging and exciting field of law.