Narrative Change

While Parole Project’s foremost goal is to provide reentry services to clients, we recognize that the public perception of formerly incarcerated individuals can play a significant role in their journey. We employ several strategies to share awareness of our clients’ experiences, foster understanding of their struggles, and garner support for second chances. By sharing our clients’ successes, we aim to shift the overall perception of incarceration and influence the attitudes of those who have not lived through these experiences.

Press Coverage

Parole Project’s effective reentry work has helped us become a leading voice in discussions about justice reform, mass incarceration, and second chance opportunities. By working with reporters and other journalists, we are able to provide context to new legislation, highlight significant success stories, and educate broader audiences on issues that affect our clients. While our focus is typically on local outlets, our work has also garnered national and international attention.

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Multimedia Second Chance Storytelling

We believe that our clients’ successes are everyone’s successes. Parole Project is dedicated to ensuring that each client achieves success in whatever form they desire. We are proud to highlight their successes and how the community has benefited from second chance recipients. Parole Project regularly produces a variety of our own content for events, milestones, and success stories.

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Social Media

Parole Project leverages social media to spread awareness about incarceration issues, highlight our clients, and share the message of second chances with new audiences. By following our profiles, engaging with us, and sharing our content, you can help us grow more support for second chances and formerly incarcerated people.

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