Our Perspective on Louisiana’s 2024 Crime Special Session

The Louisiana Legislature’s 2024 special session on crime enacted some significant changes to parole, sentencing, and other criminal justice laws. Some will impact us, but be assured, Parole Project is committed to our mission and we are not going anywhere.

The changes are prospective, to become effective on August 1, 2024. However, for incarcerated people who are currently parole eligible, their eligibility does not change. Additionally, revisions to the good time laws also do not apply to those already incarceratred. We estimate that several hundred individuals will continue to be parole eligible and we will continue to support those who meet our criteria. Just as we have done for our first 530 clients, we will provide future clients with the same services and support to help them rebuild their lives and reach their full potential.

“Most people who go to prison will come home one day, even after these changes go into effect. Regardless of one’s political affiliation, we should be united around strategies that reduce recidivism and make our communities safer,” said Parole Project Executive Director Andrew Hundley. “Our organization is committed to enhancing public safety. We believe that providing opportunities to the men and women we serve is vital to their long-term success.”

We will continue to foster the relationships that allow us to inform future policy decisions and highlight the power of second chances through services like our Employment Enhancement Program that provides access to jobs. When people returning from prison succeed we all succeed.

If you want to support Parole Project’s clients and mission, please consider donating to our organization, signing up for a prison visit, or sharing our clients’ stories on social media.