Benson Croon: Truly Grateful

Benson is all smiles enjoying his visit with Deputy Director for Client Services, Kelly Garrett and Reentry Manager, Christi Cheramie.

Parole Project’s Kelly Garrett and Christi Cheramie met with client Benson Croon recently on the one-year anniversary of his release after nearly 40 years incarcerated. Grateful daily for being given a second chance, Benson wrote a letter to Governor Jon Bel Edwards thanking him for signing his clemency recommendation that has allowed him to spend invaluable time with his family. This is particularly poignant because just months after being released Benson learned that he had lung cancer and stage 3 renal failure. Despite his prognosis, he is still “rejoicing in his freedom.” Benson has enjoyed every experience since coming home, including getting lost in Wal-Mart as he was amazed by the rows upon rows of everything from canoes to baked beans in one place. He is in good spirits and says he is “bearing witness to answered prayers.”

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