LPP reentry program modules

Parole Project employs a multidisciplinary approach to reorientation and reentry that gradually integrates our clients into their communities as talented and experienced citizens.


Resume writing, job seeking skills, interactive job interview exercise, workplace etiquette


Banking literacy, credit building, investing and savings, household budgeting and money management


Interactions with sales and service staff, comparative shopping, product research, needs versus wants


Computer literacy, internet basics, online shopping, banking, government services and social media, cell phone usage, technology in public places

family and community

Friends and peer mentors, developing relationships with neighbors, faith groups, and community organizations

social norms

Appropriate male/female interaction, public dining, instruction in workplace etiquette and supervisor/employee interaction, appropriate social and professional communication

family and community reintegration

Developing and rebuilding positive relationships with family and friends, faith and community groups, and neighbors

health care

Enrollment in and understanding of Medicaid and/or Medicare, navigating the primary care provider process, the importance of wellness checkups

driving school/navigation

Driver’s education, driver’s license procurement, basic navigation and introduction to public transportation

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