Headshot of Parole Project's newest Reentry Specialist, Lloyd Jarrow

Meet Lloyd, Parole Project’s New Reentry Specialist

When Lloyd left prison after 25 years, having been sentenced to life at age 17, he carried more than his share of anxiety about the skills he would need to compete professionally. His writing needed work and his exposure to technology was limited, but Lloyd was fiercely determined to not let his inexperience hold him back. Within days of his release he was spending hours puzzling out the mysteries of a borrowed laptop. He wrote several drafts of resumes and letters of introduction and asked for feedback. He read everything he could get his hands on relevant to personal and professional development. Whenever he met someone successful he asked for advice.

Still eager to learn what he can from anyone willing to teach him, Lloyd also possesses an exemplary work ethic and strong character. These qualities, combined with his experience as a former client and one time resident of the organization’s Redemption Homes, made him an excellent fit as the newest addition to the Parole Project team.

Lloyd knows his tenacity serves him well. He is concerned for those leaving prison without the knowledge of a world drastically changed from the one they left decades ago. He understands the challenges of “catching up” on the skills most important for success. As a Reentry Specialist, Lloyd will be watching closely to identify clients who are struggling with literacy or those most intimidated by technology. He has seen men and women coming out of prison who mistakenly believe they are too old or too out of touch to become a part of the world around them. “People can get so frustrated and down on themselves without support they start to give up. I’ll make sure our clients know Parole Project has the resources they need and I will be there encouraging them to make the most of their opportunities.”