Photograph of Parole Project client, Moses

Meet Our Newest Clients | May 2023

When MOSES was sentenced to life without parole at the age of 17, he could not read or write. During his 42 years in prison, he learned how to do both and successfully completed his GED.
DESHUNSKI stayed busy during his 24 years of incarceration. He earned his GED and bachelor’s degree before becoming a college tutor. He also earned a certificate in graphic design while in prison.
CARLOS spent two decades in prison after receiving a 40-year sentence at the age of 23. He became involved in multiple programs while incarcerated that has helped him prepare for what comes next.
JOHNNY was 21 years old when he was given a 99-year sentence. After 40 years he was given a second chance. He now is looking forward to making a new home for himself, while also working as a home remodeler.