Meet Our Newest Clients | January 2022

Alonzo, who holds a degree in theology, was a respected academic tutor and volunteered to care for patients in the prison infirmary. He hopes to find work that will allow him to continue to inspire, lift-up and comfort others. He received his second chance after 24 years.

Dwayne is highly skilled with certifications in culinary arts, collision repair and welding. He was incarcerated for 24 years before receiving his second chance. 

Eddie, an experienced heavy machine operator, will put his skills to good use working for a local moving company. He is grateful for the opportunity to care for his mother after being separated for 23 years

Alairis, who received her second chance after 22 years,  earned a bachelor’s degree in communication and a certification in computer literacy while incarcerated. She is hopeful and excited about what the rest of her life may have in store for her.

Shawn, incarcerated for 24 years, is thankful to have Parole Project to help him transition back into society.He is looking forward to joining his wife and starting the job that his waiting for him at home

Wherever he is working Thomas prefers it to be outdoors. After 23 years, he is looking forward to finding a, “humble little place in the world to call my own.” 

Walter Q. was 21 years old when he was sentenced to life in prison. He was one of approximately 60 people commonly called 10/6 lifers, Louisiana’s longest serving prisoners who wer nearly forgotten in the system. But 50 years later, he is forgotten no more and is grateful to be reunited with his sister.

Terri is looking forward to eventually living with her daughter and grandchildren. She received her second chance after being incarcerated for 20 years.

John plans on using his mechanical skills and over 20 years of experience in HVAC to become economically independent.  He looks forward to becoming a productive citizen in his new community.

After 34 years Ryan received his second chance. His large and close family are elated at his return. Ryan is looking forward learning a world that is drastically different from the one he knjew before his incarceration.

Kyle lost his mother and his brother during his 22-year incarceration.  He is working to rebuild relationships with his children and be a dad they can depend on

Originally from New Orleans, Walter B is now settling in to his new life in twhere he is living with family and earning a living wage.

Free after 23 years, Kendrick feels blessed to have the opportunity to care for his mother in her senior years. He hopes to find work as a mentor and advocate for justice reform.

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