Photograph of Parole Project client, John

Meet Our Newest Clients | April 2021

When John was 16, he was given a life without parole sentence. After more than 42 years in prison, he received his second chance. John reminds us that children should never be disposable.
Eugene received his second chance after 35 years in prison. While incarcerated he taught masonry to other prisoners. We have no doubt Eugene will continue to be a builder for his community.
After 45 years in prison, Michael received his second chance. “I just want to help people. I want to feel like I’m helping my community.” Michael has much to offer and we look forward to helping him rebuild his life.
While incarcerated Wayne became a certified mentor, served on the inmate counsel and gained experience as a carpenter and paralegal.  Now that he has his freedom, W.ayne is sure to become a productive citizen in his community.
Pat was just 20 years old when he received a life sentence. Throughout his incarceration Pat worked diligently and gained a reputation as a trustworthy and talented craftsman. After 40 years he received his second chance.
After 22 years of incarceration Roger is looking forward to spending time with his fiancee and rebuilding his relationships with family. Roger is excited about starting work at a fabrication company and using his skills as a heavy equipment operator. 
Aaron was sentenced to life without parole at the age of 17.  Recognizing Aaron’s maturity and rehabilitation, the Parole Board found that he was deserving of a second chance and he was granted parole after 39 years in prison.
 When he was 17, Harold was sentenced to 55 years in prison – a virtual life sentence. Thanks to recent justice reforms, he was given a second look. Based on his demonstrated maturity & growth, Harold was granted parole. He is another example of good policy meeting rehabilitation.

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