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Walter was 16 when he was given a life sentence. He spent 43 years in prison before receiving his second chance. More than anything else, Walter is excited to reconnect with his sister after so many years apart.1
Vernon was given a 30-year sentence in 2006. Nearly two decades later, the now 63-year-old has earned the opportunity to rebuild his life. Vernon is hoping to find a home church to continue growing his faith.
At 19 years old, Tommy was given a life sentence. Nearly 30 years later, he earned his second chance. Tommy grew up in a family of fishermen and is excited to rejoin them.
Daniel, 58, spent 36 years in prison after being given a life sentence. While incarcerated, he volunteered with the Point Lookout Project, which prepared graves and conducted funerals for men who died at Angola.
Jerry, also known as Jay Jay, spent nearly two decades in prison before receiving his second chance. Now 36, he is focused on establishing his career and building a relationship with his daughter.
In 1999, Marcus was given a 30-year sentence at the age of 17. While incarcerated, he became a cook and obtained an HVAC certification. Now 42, Marcus is eager to work and become self-sufficient.
Larry was given a life sentence in 1982 at the age of 25. He spent more than 40 years in prison, much of it singing and playing music in a prison band. He did not have a write-up for the last 38 years in prison.
Freddy, a 10/6 lifer, spent 54 years in prison after being given a life sentence at the age of 22. Now 77, he is excited to live with his sister in Mississippi, who supported him during those decades.
Fred, 55, was sentenced to serve 70 years in prison at the age of 24. During his nearly three decades of incarceration, he obtained his welding certification. Fred said "I'm so thankful for every day I get on the outside."
Eric was 18 when he was sentenced to life without parole plus 15 years. While in prison, he earned his GED and two horticulture degrees. He's excited to move to Bossier City, where he will live with his sister.
Carolyn was 56 when she was given a life without parole sentence. After 17 years in prison, her sentence was commuted and she was given a second chance.
After spending four decades in prison, Keith earned a second chance when he was resentenced. Now 66, he is thankful to finally live with his wife and explore what life has to offer.
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RENARD was given a practical life sentence in 1995 when he was a 20-year-old. He completed a variety of programs while incarcerated, including automotive technology, CPR, and culinary arts. After almost three decades, Renard is thankful to finally reunite with his mother.
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