Meet Our Newest Clients | March 2024

Walter was given a life sentence in 1989 at age 18. After 35 years, he is most grateful for the opportunity to spend time with his family. "I'm thankful they were able to see me leave prison," he said.
After 25 years in prison, Ricardo is excited to learn more about technology. He said there is a lot to catch up on, but "the phones are exciting. I'm picking it up pretty well!"
Dwayne received his second chance after 36 years in prison. Before his incarceration, he was a decorated Army veteran. During his time in Angola, he worked at the tag plant for more than 30 years and trained hundreds of men to use industrial equipment.
Darnell was 21 years old when he was given a 160-year sentence in 1997. After 25 years, he has earned a second chance and is looking forward to living with his sister.
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