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Second Chance Month | April 2023

Recognizing Growth, Rehabilitation, and Redemption

April is recognized as Second Chance Month – a time to raise awareness of formerly incarcerated individuals and the experiences, obstacles, and challenges they face. Across the nation community organizations, state agencies, and business groups are promoting policies and practices that provide second chances to those who have served their time and are ready to contribute to society.

Providing second chances is not only about morality: it directly impacts public safety. People who reenter society after decades of incarceration face barriers like safe, afforable housing, employment, and access to education. Second Chance Month is an opportunity to address these challenges and provide formerly incarcerated individuals with the resources they need to succeed.

At Parole Project, we see the importance of second chances every day. We see our clients overcome challenges and make the most of their opportunities. Our staff are successful second chance recipients who are now ensuring others can achieve success. We have always believed in second chances and embody that belief through our work and our commitment to our clients – past, present, and future. Our clients’ successes are everyone’s successes.

Second Chance Month is an opportunity for all of us to recognize the importance of providing opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals. Second chances strengthen our communities and create a more just society for all.

In recognition of Second Chance Month, we shared three examples of success stories on our social media. Watch the videos below to see how current client Demetricy, former client Kendrick, and our staff are making the most of their second chances.

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