Success Stories


George’s life has seen the depths of both darkness and light. In January 1987, at the age of 26, he was arrested and subsequently sentenced to life in prison. But on February 8, 2023, after 36 long years, he emerged from the prison gates, a man transformed by time and reflection.

Granted a commutation of sentence and later parole, George embarked on a new chapter of his life. After successfully completing Phase 1 of Parole Project’s reentry program, he secured employment with the Brown Eagle Group, a logistics company that offered him not just a job but a chance at redemption. Starting as a forklift operator in March 2023, George’s work ethic quickly caught the attention of his supervisors. By December he had risen to the role of dock auditor. With this promotion, he was entrusted with supervising six forklift operators and ensuring that each shipment was handled with precision and care.

“It’s more than just a job to me,” George said. “I enjoy the responsibilities. I like being a leader and helping the company achieve its goals. I appreciate that they put a lot of trust in me.”

Outside of work, George has found solace and strength in his faith, having been a member of Encounter Church since his release. He regularly attends Alcoholics Anonymous, a support system that helps him navigate the challenges of sobriety.

But George’s journey doesn’t stop there. He prioritizes giving back to those he left behind. Regular prison visits allow him to encourage other men to stay positive and focus on their rehabilitation, offering them a glimmer of hope in what often seems like a hopeless situation.

George finds joy in simple pleasures such as fishing with friends and spending time with his family, especially his beloved grandchildren. These moments remind him of the precious things in life – things he had lost during his time in prison.

George said he’s been able to embrace the challenges of reintegrating into society with support from our organization. “With Parole Project’s help, I’ve learned to navigate a world that’s changed so much since I left,” he said. “They didn’t just give me information, they gave me hope.”

“George is a good man who will help anybody. He looks at his freedom as an answer to his prayers and continues to pay that kindness forward to everyone he meets,” said Community Engagement Manager Matthew Pineda, who befriended George during their incarceration. “He helped so many men on the inside over the years. It’s great to see him doing the same thing as a free man.”

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