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When Idosia entered prison in 1998 with no end in sight, she could have shut down, given up, and let life pass her by. But the 28-year-old with young children would have none of it. “I knew I had to make the most of my time,” she recalled. After 24 years in prison, she earned her second chance and was released in 2022.

With determination and perseverance during her incarceration, she earned certifications in culinary arts and food safety, and got her GED. She worked in the prison kitchen for over 20 years, honing her culinary skills and preparing for the day when she would reclaim her freedom.

When that day finally came, Idosia walked into a world that had changed in ways she could scarcely imagine. “It was overwhelming at first, but I was determined to make the most of my second chance,” she said. “And coming to Parole Project was the first step I needed.” 

Christi Cheramie was Idosia’s case manager and helped her navigate the hurdles and that she faced after more than two decades in prison. “Idosia is a go-getter,” Christi said with conviction. “She met every challenge head-on and was eager to take control of her future.”

After completing Phase 1 of our program and moving in with her family, Idosia did just that. She started working in the restaurant industry and quickly proved to be a valuable employee. Her work ethic helped her earn a promotion and now she manages the kitchen staff. The perseverance and determination that helped her earn the promotion also allowed her to purchase her own car – one of her proudest achievements since her release.

While she has already tasted success, Idosia is still working toward several goals. She’s hoping to move to her own home and continue building her relationships with her children and grandchildren. “It’s taken some time for me to learn who they are now and for them to learn who I am, but we’re getting there,” she said. Whether it’s a track meet, graduation, or an afternoon card game, Idosia is grateful for the moments with her family.

“They’re my world,” she said with a smile, “and being able to spend time with them is the most wonderful thing.”

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