Success Stories
Jadaw, standing in front of the service department, is making a name for himself in the service field through his talent, dedication, and hard work. He never misses an opportunity to express appreciation for the support of Parole Project and his family


STACKED TIRES AND TAILLIGHTS FILL THE the service department at Gerry Lane Chevrolet where Jadaw Lawrence is thriving as Express Service Manager. It’s a stark contrast for the former Parole Project client from his days and nights in the dorms of Louisiana State prisons where he spent two decades preparing for his future.

His days are now filled with supervising his employees and making sure his customers are beyond satisfied. “Parole Project really is a great resource for guys coming home because it helps them adjust in a lot of different ways,” he said. “They are there for guys in a way that most people don’t even think about.” After receiving a 49-year sentence at just 22 years old some may think that he’d be jaded. Not Jadaw, not in the least. He is optimistic and beyond grateful about his second chance.

“I’m a product of Parole Project. I know so many people that came behind me and before me who are success stories.” Jadaw’s latest endeavor is in real estate. He is planning to purchase fixer upper homes and turn them into rental property and wants “as many as possible as fast as possible”. He is looking forward to creating a passive income and building a solid financial footing.

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