Success Stories
Parole Project client Joseph Papillion sits proudly in the cab of a big rig tractor as he reflects on the accomplishment of a major goal.


The moment Joseph Papillion was sentenced to 37 years in prison he could hardly wrap his head around scope of what had just happened. His knew that his actions had led him there, but it had to be some sort of mistake, he thought. This couldn’t be his life. How will his wife and kids survive without him? A flood of worst-case fears ran through his head. But as the years rolled on reality set in. This was his life, and he must take responsibility and make the best of his situation.

In January, after 21 long years, Joseph was believed worthy of a second chance. After completing Parole Project’s intensive reintegration phase he set his sights on a goal that had been in the making for nearly two decades—to get his commercial driver’s license (CDL) and become a truck driver. With dogged determination, Joseph earned his CDL in just a few short months after his release through the course at Coastal Driving School. He passed the test on the first try and attributes his success to the never losing sight of the vision he had so many years ago.

“Parole Project gave me a great start. They gave me all the tools I needed to successfully reenter society,” Joseph said. About to start oversized load training to further expand his driving skillset, he hopes to become an owner/operator and one day drive under his own authority.

His days as a fleet mechanic while incarcerated helped him prepare for the responsibilities he now has as a truck driver. Joseph is committed to making this next chapter in his life his most successful. With the support of his family and Parole Project he is on the right path to do just that. Joseph is yet another example that incarcerated men and women are worthy of hope and redemption.

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