Team Members

Aaron Hauser

Reentry Specialist

Aaron Hauser was 17 years old when he was sent to prison with a life sentence. After 38 years, he was given a second chance when the Parole Board granted his release in March 2021. Aaron learned early on that he could either let his circumstances destroy him or commit himself to be the best person he can be.

A former Parole Project client, Aaron worked in warehouse logistics and distribution before joining the organization in early 2022. “Parole Project was instrumental in my reentry into society after so many years,” he said. “I knew nothing about how to use a cell phone or the internet. Joining them now is a way to give back to the very organization which helped me so much when I needed help.”

As a reentry specialist, Aaron now guides clients through the maze of tasks and obstacles they face when returning home, using the tools and resources he gained from the program and experience to help them navigate a world vastly different from the one they left decades ago.