Photograph of Parole Project client, John

Meet Our Newest Clients | March 2023

JOHN spent 37 years in prison serving a life sentence. During that time he became the lead instructor for the prison’s automotive technology program. John is excited to be home with his wife and use his expertise on staff at a Baton Rouge-area car dealership.
PATRICK served 35 years of a life without parole sentence. A passionate writer, he was a reporter for The Angolite magazine, a paralegal, and a braille transcriber while in prison. Now 59, he is excited to share his story so that he can help others.
HERBERT spent 20 years in prison before receiving his second chance. He took that opportunity to pursue truck driving school and obtained his CDL while incarcerated. Now that he’s free, he hopes to get a job driving.
BOBBY spent more than four decades in prison. Now 71, he is grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with his son, who steadfastly supported him during all those years.
JOHNNIE, 65, was incarcerated for 31 years. After spending nearly half of his life in prison, he was released through clemency. Johnnie is eager to start working soon but is most looking forward to trying all the new kinds of coffee.
DWAYNE was 16 years old when he went to prison. During his 25 years of incarceration, he earned his GED and took interest in mechanic work. He is now in an apprenticeship program at BRCC and hopes to work at a dealership soon.
CHUCK, 42, was sentenced to almost 150 years at the age of 15. He spent 28 years in prison before receiving his second chance. Now that he is free, Chuck is spending time with his mother, who had to watch him grow up from outside the prison walls.
MICHAEL received his second chance after 20 years in prison. “I’ve learned over these years that I can’t get what I’ve never had unless I’m willing to do what I’ve never done.” He’s now reunited with his wife of 40 years and hopes to be a mentor to the youth in his community.
DANNY, a Vietnam veteran, was sentenced to life without parole in 1972. He spent two of his four decades in prison working in the water treatment plant at Angola. He received his second chance at the age of 73 through clemency and is hopeful to have his own apartment soon.
WARREN, 63, spent more than 37 years in prison. While incarcerated, he completed a bachelor’s degree, worked as a graphic designer, and provided paralegal services to his peers. Warren is now looking forward to moving to Atlanta to be back together with his family.

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