Meet Our Newest Clients | February 2022

Gloria (right) was the longest serving woman in the Louisiana prison system when she was granted parole after her sentence was commuted by the governor. Having survived a serious battle with COVID, she is now in Texas with her family 

After working in maintenance as a plumber for 24 years during his incarceration, Troy is eager to go to trade school to earn a professional plumbing certification. He plans to make the most of his second chance by volunteering in his community and ministering to those who need it the most

John has a love for carpentry, particularly furniture making. After recently being granted parole he is ready to show the world his talent. He is looking forward to his second chance by taking his skills to the next level and starting a custom furniture-making business

After serving 33 years and nine months on a life sentence, Denny Brown is ready for his new beginning. He was a skilled electrician while also serving as a literacy teacher, nurse’s aid and suicide watch walker. Denny is looking forward to a second chance with his family helping his community

Dexter was barber college student prior to his incarceration. His goal is to use his second chance to complete his education and become a licensed barber. Granted parole after a 23 years, he looks forward to beginning his apprenticeship and reconnecting with his loved ones

Toby is a welder and electrician, skills learned and developed during his incarceration. After 21 years in prison, he is looking forward to putting those skills to use working offshore. He is laser focused on making his second chance count

Joseph is on the road to success after spending 20 years and six months in prison. He fine-tuned his automotive technician skills during his time at the State Police barracks servicing state police units. He is enrolling in truck driving school and has plans of starting his own trucking company with the help of his family

Lance is an U.S. Army veteran who didn’t let his situation define him. During his 24-year incarceration he earned an Associate’s Degree, worked as an academic tutor in the education department, and even found time for arts & crafts

Nathan held a variety of jobs during his 22-year incarceration. From working in the Chaplain’s Department, to being a healthcare orderly, he made the most of his time serving others. He is now looking forward to finding full-time employment, reestablishing family connections and paying it forward

Samuel filled the days of his 33-year incarceration by teaching CPR, serving on his church’s vestry, playing music in Angola’s traveling band, making custom saddles, and working as a fiber optic technician. Now he is rebuilding his life and relationships, seeking long term employment, and learning new life skills missed during three decades

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