Photograph of Parole Project client, Robert

Meet Our Newest Clients | June 2021

38 years ago, Betty was wrongly convicted. But today she is ready to rebuild her life and reach her full potential
Freddie was sentenced to life in prison at the age of 15.  Forty-seven years later he received his second chance
After two decades in prison, Paul is excited to put his welding skills to work
Henry was 17 years old when he was told he would spend his life in prison. Twenty-six years later, Henry received his second chance and is ready to contribute to his community
Imprisoned at 17, Chuck received his second chance 45 years later. Chuck is a talented baker who hopes to put his skills to good use in a new career
After two decades in prison, Robert’s sentence was commuted.  The skilled electrician and welder looks forward to working and spending time with his family
David came home after 24 years in prison. He is eager to learn the computer skills needed to function in society today 
Imprisoned at 16 and released 22 years later, Terrence says he is ready to work and looks forward to becoming an active member of a church community
Ernest received his second chance after 25 years.  He is looking forward to starting his job in construction
Terrance received his second chance after 27 years in prison.  Today he is enjoying his new job and reconnecting with his family and friends

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