Photograph of Parole Project client, Barry

Meet Our Newest Clients | April 2023

RON was sentenced to life without parole at the age of 19. While in prison he became a sign language interpreter and leader in Angola’s faith community. After 33 years, he received his second chance through a commutation.
JUSTIN was given a life sentence 20 years ago. He completed a master’s degree and was a mentor to his peers. After two decades, he received a commutation and is looking forward to building his life with his fiancé Kelly. 
NORMAN became a pastor during his 27 years in prison. He’s excited to start his career working on landscaping with a local real estate company.
WILLIAM got his first taste of freedom at Popeyes on the way home from Angola. He spent 33 years in prison but has now earned his second chance.
KEVIN spent 24 of his 41 years at Angola caring for dogs. He received his second chance through clemency. He has started a new job and is thrilled to be contributing to his family.
ALVIN was given a life sentence at 18 years old. After 32 years, he received his second chance. He has a supportive family and is eager to have new experiences with them.
DENNIS walked out of the gates of Angola after 58 years. The only thing he wanted to bring home was a bag of green apples.
EUGENE earned his second chance after 29 years of incarceration. He is looking forward to building a relationship with his nieces and nephews.
ALDRIC spent 27 years in prison receiving his second chance. Now, he’s looking forward to reuniting with his brother and finishing his welding degree.
When he was 17, DONNIE was given a life sentence. After serving 56 years, he was Louisiana’s longest-serving juvenile lifer until he walked out Angola’s gate.
BARRY served 26 years of a life sentence that he received at the age of 16. The first thing he wanted to do once he got home was to visit his mother who was in hospice care.
KEVIN was 18 when he was given a life sentence. Nearly 25 years later, he was given a second chance. Now, he’s looking forward to moving to New Orleans to be close to his sister.
SHAWN spent 25 years in prison after being given a life sentence at 17. Now 42, he is ready to rebuild his life and start a career.
After 25 years, TRAVIS received a second chance. He says he is determined to make his second chance count in every way he can.

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